Initial Assessment – Evaluation ($120.00)

The initial consultation sets the groundwork for each client’s program. The trainer will assess current motor and sensory function and take circumference measurements to chart muscle mass gains. Cohesively, the trainer and client will create short and long term goals and discuss a program best suited at achieving these. At Moving Forward Rehabilitation & Wellness Center we aim to help each client achieve a more independent and functionally stronger lifestyle. The consultation takes roughly an hour and is only paid once, even though follow up evaluations will occur often to quantify progress.


Training ($90.00 per hour)  

Training sessions are preformed one-on-one and range from 2-3 hours, 2 to 4 days a week on average. Our clients will do a variety of partial and full load-bearing exercises, strengthen their whole body through various resistance training modalities, strengthen their core/trunk for better posture and balance and hopefully progress to gait training and balance drills; all preformed outside out of their wheelchair.

The training sessions are planned and designed to help our clients achieve their goals. They vary greatly by the clients’ individual function and also day to day to avoid plateaus and keep the sessions fun. New modalities and specialized equipment are introduced as the clients are ready for them to protect our clients and keep everyone injury free.


Client application package available email: