How are we pushing the envelope?

After being discharged from the hospital there aren’t many recovery options for people with spinal cord injuries. Despite the fact that science has published numerous findings over the last decade to support the idea that the nervous system is capable of repair and regeneration there aren’t many facilities willing to think outside the box and outside of the chair.

At Moving Forward we believe that exercise is an excellent approach to retrain movement patterns and attain recovery to your fullest potential. The central nervous system (CNS) can repair and regenerate – it just needs consistent and repetitive stimulation below and above the area of injury to try to retrain it.

So how does Moving Forward achieve this?

  • We keep up to date on the latest research and emerging trends as they relate to SCIs and other neurological conditions;
  • We attend conferences and courses to learn first-handin the field of strength training and neuro-recovery;
  • We are a group of professionals motivated to help change lives and Move Forward from the chair.

Am I going to walk again?

Recovery from traumatic neurological injuries and diseases is very individualized and no two injuries will heal or react the same so there are no guarantees. We do know that goals are attainable and baby steps are made every day at Moving Forward. Whether these goals are strength and mobility based or goals to improve activities of daily living, dreams can come true and recovery is possible.

~Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.   –Louis L’Amour


I am a complete injury – can Moving Forward still help me?

Most of our clients are classified as complete injuries based on the ASIA scale. Despite this classification our clients have noticed improvements in sensory and motor function, specifically strength and balance above and below their injury sites.

I am many years post injury – is there still hope for recovery?

Many of our clients started at Moving Forward years after their injury and have made incredible progress despite the length of time since their injury. The following are attainable accomplishments no matter how long since injury:

  • Improved bone mineral density
  • Improved upper body, core and lower body strength
  • Improved neuromuscular control and function below the injury level
  • Improved joint stability
  • Decreased spasticity and improved control of spasticity

Will my insurance cover my therapy?

Like most things under insurance-it depends on your plan. With an Athletic Therapist and a Physiotherapist on staff at Moving Forward, lots of health insurance companies will offer coverage under these sanctions, however this coverage may vary. Car insurance and WSIB may also offer coverage upon approval or clients may fundraise individually. To find out more about these options give us a call.