About the center:

Moving Forward Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is located in South London, with access to the 401 and 402 for clients coming from outside of London.  The center has been constructed to feel welcoming and fun, with an open concept and lots of windows.  The center provides clients with wheelchair accessible washrooms, a small kitchenette for refreshments and a place to relax, a conference room for trainers and others to consult with clients and a massage therapy room.






image002Treadmill Gait Training

One of the most necessary motor tasks for successful daily living is walking. Impairments of ambulation are often seen in the inability of the leg to bear the weight of the body and transfer weight from side to side. Treadmill Gait Training is instrumental in developing efficient and functional ambulation for individuals with ambulation impairments such as spinal cord injury. Gait training is a technique used in spinal cord injury recovery to assist with improving ambulation. Clients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders benefit from the proper upright posture, balance, and safety while ambulating on a treadmill. The treadmill provides rhythmical input reinforcing a coordinated reciprocal pattern of movement. Even the most severely involved clients and clients with chronic walking problems can benefit from gains in balance, coordination and/or gait.


image004Total Gym

We have 1 Total Gyms that we use for a variety of exercises; for the upper and lower body. While clients are on the total Gym they receive the benefits of active load bearing on the body using a closed chain platform.  The benefits of using the Total Gym for load bearing exercise include joint stability, increased sensory feelings, increased balance and coordination, and may help increase bone density.


image006EZ StandGlider

A standing frame provides alternative positioning to sitting in a wheelchair by supporting the person in the standing position. Standing frames are used not only for medical benefit, but also to increase independence, mobility, and self-esteem.



There are several physiological benefits to using a standing frame on a regular basis:

  • Help prevent secondary complications that often result from prolonged use of a wheelchair.
  • Facilitates a natural symmetrical standing posture
  • Develop and improve upper body balance and strength
  • Improve range of motion in spine, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Decrease abnormal muscle tone and reflexes (spasms, contractures)
  • Reduce pressure sores through changing positions
  • Improve systemic functions (bladder, digestive, respiratory and circulatory)
  • Lessen progressive scoliosis and assist with skeletal development
  • Stabilize and prevent loss of bone mineral density
  • Alleviate pain caused by prolonged and/or inappropriate position
  • Develop standing tolerance
  • Endurance


image007Spin Bike

Spinning exercise targets specific muscles in your body. It works the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, calves and even the abs. It enables your body to burn calories making it an excellent weight loss exercise. It also helps to give your body a great cardio workout, strengthen your muscles and increase endurance levels.






image008Free Motion Cable Column

With unlimited motion, clients can work their body’s muscle groups together, the same way the body naturally would, and train more specifically and efficiently.






image010Hammer Strength Hip and Glute Machine

The Hip and Glute machine incorporates equipment that tracks a natural and precise pattern of movement. This machine can be used with injuries of varying severity and capabilities and can be plate loaded to a weight specific to the needs and abilities of the client. The benefits of using the equipment include improved strength, a potential for a proliferation in controlled movements, and quantifiable results.  The hip/glute machine allows full hip extension to be performed by the client which counters tight hip flexors.




image013Combo Twist 

The ‘combo twist’ provides rotation in the thoracic and lumbar spine. It is used in sitting and standing and can be used with all clients who have joint stability. Rotation can help stimulate the back muscles and the muscles of the pelvis.






image014Keiser POWER Rack

The KeiserPOWER Rack works with air technology and allows clients to stand in a harness in a safe atmosphere.  The Power Rack allows the trainer to control how much weight a client loads into their feet while completing various exercises like bridges, standing, squats and upper body movements.






The adductor allows our trainers to place the client’s pelvis in a neutral position in order to concentrate on coordination and make a better connection with the core muscles.  By opening the legs it forces the pelvis to rotate and engage different muscle groups our trainers could not otherwise facilitate.       





image017Adjustable Ergometer (Standing arm bike)

The Sci Fit Arm Cyle is used to incorporate many different aspects of a client’s workout into a short amount of time. Our trainers are able to stand a client at the cycle and allow them to peddle the bike at the same time. The combined effect of both standing and peddling allows for proprioceptive cues to travel between the nervous system and brain. The added benefit of a cardiovascular workout also helps our clients stay fit.



image019Vibration Plate
The Vibration Plate uses three-dimensional vibration technology to activate muscle contractions. The benefits include increased circulation, increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved range of motion, increased bone mineral density, and decreased recovery time. Feedback from many individuals with an SCI who have used the Power Plate includes increased sensation, increased voluntary contraction of muscles, and decreased spasticity.



image020Lift Walker

The Lift Walker is a height adjustable walker with four wheels on the bottom and forearm supports on the top. The wheels allow for very easy maneuverability, but also lock in place so the walker stays put. The forearm supports allow clients to stand, do stepping exercises, or take steps who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so with a standard walker due to lack of upper body strength. Clients can also use the Lift Walker to perform different kneeling exercises and do things like vertical crawling